Homemade Almond Milk

Almond milk is a great dairy-free milk substitute. Making it at home is easier than you think and it tastes way… way… better than the expensive store bought ones which are filled with all sorts of preservatives. All you need to make this milk is almonds and water, that’s it! And it is ready within minutes… Making it very affordable and healthy! 

My family loves this homemade almond milk so much that it has become a part of our everyday breakfast. I bet that once you have tasted the homemade version, you are never going to buy it from the store again.

I use this milk in making oat-amaranth porridge, coconut chia pudding, overnight oats, pour it over granola or cereals, add it to my smoothies, sometimes we just have it by itself or flavor it with fennel seed syrup. Options are limitless… Enjoy!

Yields: About 4 cups


  • 1 cup Raw Almonds (Soaked overnight in room temperature water)
  • 3 to 3-1/2cups Water (filtered water preferable)

How To:

  • Soak the almonds overnight making sure there is about an inch of water above the almonds. In the morning drain and rinse the almonds. Discard the soaking water.
  • Blend the almonds with 3-1/2 cups of water in a blender till the almonds have broken down and milk looks creamy.
  • Strain the almond milk through nut milk bag or thin kitchen cloth, squeeze it well to extract the liquid. Save the almond pulp for use later.
  • The Almond milk is ready to use. Store the almond milk in an airtight container in the refrigerator.

Serving Suggestion:

  • The prepared almond milk is ready to drink as is. Add it to your coffee, cold brew, use it to make smoothies or cold cocoa. You can use it in replacement to regular milk in any recipe.
  • Add Fennel seed syrup or any other flavoring of your choice to cold almond milk and serve.
  • Use it for making various breakfasts like oat-amaranth porridge, coconut chai seed pudding or simply add it to your everyday granola or cereal.
  • Use it in making various desserts that call for milk like Falooda or Fruit custard
  • Sweetened: Add 1 tablespoon of Vanilla extract, 2 tablespoon of Maple syrup or 2 Dates, pitted, to the soaked almonds and blend it together. This will result in a sweet and creamier almond milk.
  • Chocolate milk: Add 1- 2 tablespoon of cacao powder to almond milk. You can add some sweetener like dates or maple syrup to it as well.


  • Shelf Life: The milk will stay fresh for 4-5 days, when stored in an airtight glass container in the refrigerator.
  • Water: Use filtered water for better results. Lesser the water denser the milk will be. So you can adjust the quantity of water used in the recipe per your liking ranging from 3 to 4 cups.
  • Almond Pulp: Store the almond pulp in the freezer if you want to store it for longer time. You can make almond pulp cookies, or add a spoonful of pulp to your oatmeal, smoothies, cereal, chia pudding, or muffins.
  • Sweetened milk: You can use Honey, Agave nectar, sugar, maple syrup, date syrup or any other sweetener of your choice. Add 4 pitted dates to the blending, or add more maple syrup if you want sweeter milk.

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