Welcome to Sprouting Kitchen! I am Mukti, the cook, writer and occasionally photographer behind this blog. I say occasionally as I am learning food photography, so till then I have my dear husband Hiren do the job for me. I love creating twists in classic recipes. You shall see that in some of my recipes. I also believe that some classics should not be tempered with.


Growing up in Mumbai, India, I spent a lot of time learning to cook from my mom. I have also learnt a great deal of cooking from my extended family as well. Shortly after getting married, I moved to bay area, California. That is where my passion for cooking grew even more. We now spend most of our time entertaining my little one. When we are not at home you will find us out exploring nature either hiking or camping. We are blessed as our son is big on camping and hiking. He will pick that any day over a movie!

Cooking to me is therapeutic, it is my stress buster especially baking. Over the years, I have collected and still do, recipes from Family & Friends, snippets from books & magazines or recipes from TV & online media. This blog is the process of compiling all this in an online journal. Like all of you I am self taught and do have my fair share of mishaps and failed recipes. Well we are all human after all! I will try to share all tips and tricks that I have learned with you in the recipes.

Thanks for stopping by… happy cooking!