Watermelon Margarita

Nothing screams summer like freshly cut slices of watermelon. These Watermelon Margaritas are simple, refreshing, and delicious, with a kick. Naturally sweet from the watermelon, tangy from the lime, and spiked with tequila, is a perfect way to beat the summer heat… 


You can make the mocktail version of this as well by opting out the tequila and replacing orange juice for orange liquor. You can easily scale up the recipe and make a big batch for parties…


These watermelon margaritas are one of the best refreshing drinks you will make all summer… Enjoy!

Yields: 1 serving 


  • 2 oz Watermelon juice
  • 2 oz Tequila
  • 2 oz Cointreau (Orange  liqueur)
  • 1-1/2 oz Lime juice 
  • 1/4 oz Agave nectar (adjust sweetness per your preference)
  • Salt and chili mix, Equal parts of salt and chili powder
  • Watermelon wedge for garnish
  • Jalapeno slices, optional
  • Ice

How To:

  • Add watermelon chunks into a blender, make watermelon juice and keep aside.
  • In a plate mix together salt and chili powder. Cut a small notch in the center of the lime wedge and run it around the edge of the glass to moisten it. Turn the glass on its sides and roll it in the salt-chili mix to coat the outside of the glass. Repeat this on all the glasses.
  • Fill the cocktail shaker with ice. Measure and add watermelon juice, tequila, cointreau, lime juice, agave nectar, and jalapeno slices if using into the cocktail shaker. Secure the lid of the shaker and shake it hard for about 30 seconds.
  • Transfer the cocktail into prepared glasses filled halfway with ice and serve.


Serving suggestion:

  • Take the salt-chili rimmed glass and add ice to it. Pour the shaken cocktail into the glass. Cut a slit in the watermelon wedge and top in over the glass and serve.
  • You can also add a slice or two of jalapeno to it.



  • Watermelon Juice: You can choose to strain the juice or leave it as is based on your preference. I usually use seedless watermelon and so skip straining it.
  • Sweeteners: You can use any sweetener of your choice in place of agave nectar. Also since watermelon is naturally sweet you can also choose to skip adding any sweetener to this cocktail.
  • Big batch: This recipe can be scaled up to a big batch for parties. Simply stir all the ingredients together in a pitcher with ice and serve.
  • Jalapeno: If using jalapeno, add it to the cocktail shaker along with all the other ingredients and shake it hard for about 30 seconds. Strain and serve. If using it for a big batch, add jalapeno slices into a tea infuser and add it to the pitcher. That way it is easy to scoop it out once desired spiciness is achieved.

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