Lego Beyblades / tops

Hi, today I will show you my 3 tops that I made out of lego.   This is the first top, it is the leader. It is named Fire Claw. I named it like this because it has 4 bending red claws. This is how it looks when it spins.   This is the second…

Lego Phone Stand

Lego Phone Stand is a phone stand that I made out of lego. Lego Phone Stand has a special lego block that can light up so you can read in the dark.   It also has a part that can be moved to tilt the phone.   You can also charge your phone on it….

Monster Pencil Holder

Monster Pencil Holder is an air-dry clay pencil holder in the shape of a monster. I made it with air-dry clay and acrylic paints. I got inspiration from This Website.  Have Fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!              


Pinnssbal is a simple machine pinball machine. I used thermocol, cardboard, tape, hot glue, a fidget spinner, rubber bands, and popsicle sticks for my project. My teacher told the class to make one simple machine arcade game. I decided to make a pinball machine. I took inspiration from this youtube video. I hope you enjoy…